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September 13 2017

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Meet the woman who put 50 million stolen articles online so you can read them for free

Alexandra Elbakyan is a highbrow pirate in hiding. The 27-year-old graduate student from Kazakhstan is operating a searchable online database of nearly 50 million stolen scholarly journal articles, shattering the $10 billion-per-year paywall of academic publishers.

That’s the woman who founded Sci-Hub.

She has even been compared to Robin Hood, although she said, “Sometimes I think it is not a good comparison, since what he was doing was illegal. And sharing books and research articles should not be illegal.”

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“In a few hundred years, when the history of our time will be written from a long-term perspective, it is likely that the most important event historians will see is not technology, not the Internet, not e-commerce. It is an unprecedented change in the human condition. For the first time — literally — substantial and rapidly growing numbers of people have choices. For the first time, they will have to manage themselves. And society is totally unprepared for it.”
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September 11 2017

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Why does being a woman put you at greater risk of having anxiety?
Part biology, part what we teach our kids about their place in the world.

and it teaches boys not to bother asking for help, and that their hurts will be ignored. you can see how that can lead to a) a higher death rate from depression because we refuse to get help, and b) acting like bullies because if my bruises are nbd then so are yours you big baby, here have some more.

sexism is a plague on us all and we need to stop inflicting it on our children.

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September 05 2017

  • [l] Die Bundesregierung macht sich Sorgen um die Sicherheit in Afghanistan.
    Während offenbar im Hintergrund die nächsten Sammelabschiebungen von abgelehnten Asylbewerbern vorbereitet werden, sorgt sich das Innenministerium in Berlin um die Sicherheit der Polizisten, die Flüchtlinge bei Einzelabschiebungen begleiten müssten. Man wähle Verbindungen, "die nur einen kurzen Aufenthalt am Flughafen Kabul erforderlich machen", schreibt das Ministerium an die Grünen-Bundestagsabgeordnete Luise Amtsberg. "Weder ist eine Übernachtung noch ein Verlassen des Flughafengeländes erforderlich." Bei Sammelabschiebungen fliegen die Beamten mit der Chartermaschine sofort zurück.
    Also für unsere Polizisten jetzt, die die Asylbewerber abschieben. Nicht für die Asylbewerber. Für die ist das natürlich voll sicher in Afghanistan, sonst könnten wir sie ja nicht dahin abschieben. (Danke, Dennis)


September 04 2017

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Wenn rechte Parteien mit "Tradition" werben, geht das meistens ziemlich schief. #fckafd
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„Die Partei“ kapert und verändert 31 geheime AfD-Gruppen

„Wer eine Facebook-Gruppe nicht aufrecht erhalten kann, wird es mit einem ganzen Land erst recht nicht schaffen.“

September 01 2017

[l] Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?

Money Quote:

More comfortable in their bedrooms than in a car or at a party, today’s teens are physically safer than teens have ever been. They’re markedly less likely to get into a car accident and, having less of a taste for alcohol than their predecessors, are less susceptible to drinking’s attendant ills.

Psychologically, however, they are more vulnerable than Millennials were: Rates of teen depression and suicide have skyrocketed since 2011. It’s not an exaggeration to describe iGen as being on the brink of the worst mental-health crisis in decades. Much of this deterioration can be traced to their phones.

Und dann, fast noch spannender:
Today’s teens are also less likely to date. The initial stage of courtship, which Gen Xers called “liking” (as in “Ooh, he likes you!”), kids now call “talking”—an ironic choice for a generation that prefers texting to actual conversation. After two teens have “talked” for a while, they might start dating. But only about 56 percent of high-school seniors in 2015 went out on dates; for Boomers and Gen Xers, the number was about 85 percent.

The decline in dating tracks with a decline in sexual activity. The drop is the sharpest for ninth-graders, among whom the number of sexually active teens has been cut by almost 40 percent since 1991. The average teen now has had sex for the first time by the spring of 11th grade, a full year later than the average Gen Xer. Fewer teens having sex has contributed to what many see as one of the most positive youth trends in recent years: The teen birth rate hit an all-time low in 2016, down 67 percent since its modern peak, in 1991.

Smartphones und Social Networks sind ein Verhütungsmittel!

Ich stelle mir gerade vor, wie die Identitären Smartphones über Afrika aus Flugzeugen abwerfen. :)

Wartet, geht noch weiter:

The Monitoring the Future survey, funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and designed to be nationally representative, has asked 12th-graders more than 1,000 questions every year since 1975 and queried eighth- and 10th-graders since 1991. The survey asks teens how happy they are and also how much of their leisure time they spend on various activities, including nonscreen activities such as in-person social interaction and exercise, and, in recent years, screen activities such as using social media, texting, and browsing the web. The results could not be clearer: Teens who spend more time than average on screen activities are more likely to be unhappy, and those who spend more time than average on nonscreen activities are more likely to be happy.

There’s not a single exception. All screen activities are linked to less happiness, and all nonscreen activities are linked to more happiness.

(Danke, Ralph)


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August 28 2017

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Computers vs Humans
It's hard to train deep learning algorithms when most of the positive feedback they get is sarcastic.
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Geh wählen!
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